A toast to old Ed, lets keep the fire burning...

Uncork the bottle and welcome to the inaugural post on the Ed Whitney Watercolor Blog! From the mid-1950's until the early 1980's Ed and his contemporaries laid the groundwork for a new generation of painters that in many ways remains unchallenged. "The Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting" by Whitney is still considered by many to be the definitive instructional publication.....not only on how to create strong and emotionally relevant paintings but on the philosophy and aesthetics of art in general. Whitney was a charismatic, humorous, opinionated and at times controversial instructor and individual. He conducted hundreds of workshops throughout the United States (and abroad?) and developed a following of untold proportions. There are countless Whitney students and friends still among us, though we are ALL aging a bit! So...now is the time to connect and document these experiences for our future painters. Our site authors are myself (Wes Waugh), Joe Miller, Skip Lawrence and Frank Webb. I am most excited to be in the company of these contemporary watercolor legends in their own right and look forward to their posts.

You are invited to post your comments relative to Whitney workshops, share your images of Whitney or related workshops, interact with (and locate!) one another, and follow posts which may arise from our collective efforts. For those of you who haven't played much with blogging it is quite easy and straightforward; just create a login account with Blogger and share as much or as little about yourself as you like via your Personal Profile. Discussions of Whitney’s (or his contemporaries) teaching methods, book contents, watercolor design concepts and techniques will be a focus of posts but we shall see how the site evolves. If you own personal images you would like to see hosted on the photo link but lack the technology needed to digitize them, please email me and we can discuss options.

Please submit for consideration only images that are yours or for which you have documented permission to use from the source individual. Images or info submitted will be used only for this site's photo album or incorporated in to posts. Keep comments clean, upbeat and positive. Problems on this front are not really anticipated as we watercolorists are generally a pleasant lot!. Those who know me can attest that I am a busy guy, with too many irons in the fire... but I will do my best to respond, manage and keep posts flowing as often as possible with help from my co-authors. Now, lets open up the back of the station wagon, fix an onion and peanut butter sandwich and get this party started!