Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frank Webb on Edgar Whitney.....

Ed Whitney would sometimes find an unattractive spot in a painting that he was critiquing. He would handle this by saying that the student should make something beautiful near the bad area so that attention would be directed there instead. To clarify this he would tell of the lady who had had a goiter operation should buy a lavaliere. Such an attractive jewel at her throat would command attention, making the ugly spot less noticeable. One day Ed asked me if I had ever read my student's notes. “No, why do you ask?” I said. Ed replied, “This morning at breakfast at the Narragansett I asked Mary if I could see her notes made at my critique the day before. She had written, ‘If you’ve had a goiter operation, buy a chandelier.”...Frank Webb

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Nick said...

That's a great story! I was too young to know the man, but artists I became good friends with - Valfred Thelin and Barbara Nechis - spoke about him often, and I started to feel as though I knew him a bit. Another friend, June Conte Pryor (who has loads of stories about him - I'll direct her to this site), studied with him in Greenwich and still sings his praises in online art forums. Thanks for starting this blog, I'll visit again soon. Nicholas Simmons

Whitney Demo on the Rocks, Kennebunkport 1979

Whitney Demo on the Rocks, Kennebunkport 1979
photo courtesy Shirley Langraf